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Japan's Various Statistics

Area 377,915km2
Population 126.49thousands
Population Density 334.70/ km2

Invest Benefit of Real Estate in Japan

  • No Restrictions on Foreigners
  • You Can Purchase Land Ownership
  • "Purchase Price" and "Purchase Quantity" are Unlimited

As there is no restriction on properties that foreigners can purchase real estate in Japan, you can purchase any property in the same way as Japanese. There is no restriction on price or number of cases. Land ownership is also allowed, depending on the location, the land price is more expensive than the building price, it is difficult to collapse.
Country risk is also low, stable and long-term revenue is expected with low returns.
In addition, the Tokyo Olympic Games is scheduled to be held in 2020, domestic real estate markets are becoming active, as foreign inbounds are increasing year by year.
As the range of price declines in rent is small, it is drawing attention as an asset to be held over the long term.

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Rich Road Inc.

"Rich Road", management philosophy "To realize real estate investment in a society that anyone can start with peace of mind", we do our business as "not just only SELLING! ". We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the property firmly, even after buying, we will make purchase consultation, purchase increase consultation, sale consultation, etc.


Premium Value Bank is a leading company of real estate investment whose mission is to make proposals and support for investors and users to find convincing values. Please see the support and suggestion power that can only be realized in the premium value bank.

Daiken Real Estate Co., Ltd.

We have abundant experience and track record in real estate sales and high-end leasing centering on Osaka. We have many inquiries from overseas investor customers, we try our best to satisfy our customers.


Please consult BASE CORPORATION for assessment, trading, discretionary sale and auctioning of real estate. We are engaged in real estate sales business mainly in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture. We are looking for properties that you would like, such as second-hand condominiums and detached houses.

Hachise Co. Ltd.

Since 1956, Hachise has been taking part of Kyoto's city development as a real estate firm.
Now, we focus on traditional Japanese townhouses, Kyo-Machiya, to give them new concepts and new lives through renovation.
These old houses can be reborn to give Kyoto more energy and help keep the overall scenery of the city.
Our goal is to help you match with these Kyo-Machiyas, and to keep the beautiful cityscape everlasting.

Nihonserve co.,Ltd.

Japan Saab recognizes real estate as a stable asset formation and invests real estate investment property that has been continuing for 22 years in Sapporo based on abundant data as an investment looking tomorrow, such as own annuities, inheritance countermeasures, tax saving measures, etc. It is a professional dealing with. In addition, based on Sapporo city Chuo Ward, we handle a wide range of residential land to residential land for senior citizens, such as business land and business properties, and we will provide a wide range of services throughout the country, regardless of individuals or corporations (including overseas including China, Hong Kong etc. ) We are accepting real estate consulting for customers.


The Real Estate Guide Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in apartment, apartment management asset management, real estate investment assistance in Sapporo. A reliable yield can be expected.

Kanazawa Enterprise

Please leave Kanazawa enterprises in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Prefecture for investment properties and profitable properties.

Add Value, Co., Ltd.

Mainly we manage sharehouse and furnished rental and rental brokerage. Please also let us know about tax responses and management after purchase. Leasing is our strong point, and we are confident in it! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in trouble with management.


We support rent, purchase, manage of real estate, property management, company residence management, and foreigner based on abundant employee’s experience and information management.
We provide variations to suit your needs as a total real estate agency and always strives to satisfy our customers.

AZURE Co.,Ltd.

We will take care of purchase and rent real estate and restaurant development.

Keihan Fudousan Center

We support any kinds of real estate as residential and business use whole area in Osaka.


We will be your partner for your Real-Estate investment. Fully back you up your entire process of Real-Estate investment.Including Faineance, Insurance, Renovation, Building maintenance, Leasing control and selling properties

century21 LIFETRUST

We would be happy to help you choosing and searching house with reliable and safe. Please let us know your request more and more!


We offer various consultations and requests on leasing, management, trading, offices, shops, parking lots.

SGS investment Co.,Ltd.

We are real estate brokerage specializes in profitable properties nationwide (single apartment building, one apartment building, division apartment, etc.).

【Features of SGS Investment】
1. We handle a large number of ""private properties"" that have not been circulated.
2. We are directly connected with all properties, property owner.
3. We will introduce borrowers suitable for customers, such as city banks, regional banks and Shinkin banks.
4. The property area we cover is the whole country.
5. We have a rental management department · renovation company in our group.

First of all, please do not hesitate to consult.

Grand Place

Grand Place located in Ebisu, Tokyo, sells land and designs and sells houses mainly in Tokyo. At any time, "Put yourself in customer's shoes" is the most important and valuable rule in Grandran Places. In order to realize an ideal home, we seriously face our customers' desires.


We handle any kinds of real estate including condominiums, detached houses, land and business projects around city of Nagoya and Kansai areas. Chinese staff is also enrolled. Please inquire once by all means.


We deal professionally with profitable properties nationwide, yearly transactions as a professional in real estate investment, our company with more than 500 achievements in the whole country, we strongly back up customers to property selection, operation and management. If you are already building assets with real estate and those who are considering further asset expansion, we will consult with you on a friendly basis so that it will not be a "wasteful" investment.

Fujitomo Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.

The Fujitomo Team welcomes the opportunity to assist your real estate needs. We are committed to developing a long-term relationship with you by providing a compelling and positive experience with our company. With a proven record of accomplishment, expert market knowledge, and absolute commitment, we have your best interest in mind.


We offer one stop service of real estate from trading to leasing and management. We will respond to every real estate needs with abundant property information and network as your room advisor.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering buying or moving in, as well as thinking about effective use of owned assets.

Startline Group CO.,Ltd.

As a consulting service for living, we will perform real estate brokerage services with a focus on rental and sales.
Our mission is providing reliable information and impression want to convey to with hospitality.
Moreover, we consider the number of introductions and the repeat rate as the most important evaluation criteria.
In the real estate industry, while there are many sales schemes considering temporary profits, we aim to be a long-loved real estate company in the area, keeping in mind the ""lifetime relationship"" with all customers.

Zegnas co.,ltd.

We are preparing a system that allows us to quickly provide second-class condominiums centered on the 5 central wards of Tokyo. We also produce interior products that produce value-added value suitable for location, we will provide more profitable and asset-quality properties.
We can manage bothersome rental management after purchase in our leasing management department all at once, realize real estate investment that is reliable with one-stop fulfilling service.

Art Town

It is a real estate specialty store in Maebashi City, Gumma Prefecture. I would like to correspond mainly to consultation that I want to sell mainly · vacant house · open space · I would like to lend. If you are a resident outside Gumma prefecture and have real estate not in Gumma prefecture please feel free to ask us for a sale assessment.

Ekisin Corporation

We specialize in industrial real estate such as warehouses and factories, mainly in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture, and we have a proven track record of over 30,000 tsubo which boasts the best area in the area.
We propose rents and selling prices considering individual circumstances based on information such as market prices, and we will also give advice on repair and renovation so please feel free to contact us.


For our customers, we will continue to make efforts day by day to meet expectations.
Thank you for your continued patronage.


Those who are planning to sell or replace please consult our company in real estate history for 25 years by all means.
Either area is OK if the area is Kanazawa!


Founded 40 years. I gained the trust of local people with local contact. Please leave our real estate trading in Ishikawa Prefecture to our company!


Our company is mainly introducing Kanazawa city south, introducing real estate trading, leasing, management etc. Let us cooperate in providing customers with "comfortable living space" by utilizing the experiences of over 60 years of experience in close contact with local people.


We are proposing full-fledged imported houses incorporating European and North American design mainly in Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture.
We will respond to real estate on a one-stop basis including order houses, building sales, real estate sales, brokerage, renovation of detached apartment, apartment & tenant leasing and building and leasing! !

Total Planning

Of course, there may be troublesome procedures in the meantime, from the contract to move, as well as feeling uneasy and embarrassment in various ways, but so that even the first person can go on deal smoothly and smoothly , I will explain the choice of housing not failing etc. in an easy-to-understand manner. And do not forget the gratitude to people, to work, continue to strive to become a trusted, expected company.


If you are looking for rooms in Minami Osaka such as Fujii-ji, Habikino-shi etc. To Family Home Inc.! We will help you find rooms that meet your needs, such as new buildings for rental and trading and properties that you can live with pets! Please feel free to consult us first.


A generation exceeding generations.
What is truly important is that the family who actually started living is a place where you can spend happy time between 20 and 30 years. Even if you bought me a year, I would like to take over the house to my son. Or if my son wants to build a new house, I would like to ask for a founding house sales. We will continue pursuing ""what we can do for our customers"" aiming for ""a company that allows us to go beyond generations"".


Real estate in your city. Please discuss anything including "trading / leasing" "management" "asset management" "inheritance"! We have experienced our company to solve your problems. We will find the property you want from among the extensive property information in the Kyoto city area.


Our company is a company founded in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture for 38 years. We propose a better method for customers based on the behavioral guidelines ""We will seriously consider all work involved as if they are their own assets.""
If you are concerned about real estate, please do not hesitate to discuss anything.


We deal mainly with investment properties and resort properties in Okinawa Prefecture. We can propose the property you want. Thanking you in advance.

Route1 HOUSE DO!

~ Nationwide shop development in progress! Houses that are familiar with TVCM! It is Kumatori · Izumisano North shop ~
I would like to buy a house in Sennan-gun Kumatori-cho · Izumisano-shi · Please leave if fresh information you want to sell! All the staff are women! We are keeping in mind the suggestions on the female perspective and detailed response.


In R-STORE, we introduce unique, precious rental, trading and business properties such as designer · renovation · wide balcony · DIY possibility.



Our company is a real estate company mainly engaged in real estate management, trading and leasing mainly in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any troubles, such as buying and selling assessment in Tochigi prefecture, purchasing consultation, leasing trouble etc. There are several own ownership management, so you can understand the owner's feelings well. I am also good at attracting tenants. Various consultation, assessment, internet posting is free.


Thank you very much for always appreciating our company.We are Dream Planning We are born in Naka-ku, Yokohama city as a real estate broker and we are about to be 15 years.
Based on the company philosophy of ""fulfilling customer's dreams"", in addition to the main intermediary work, we also adjust the rights relationship between the landlord and the leaseholders and from the unique approach to the single-family renovation and resale business. Dreams have the power to change the world and change the future. Even if it is a detour, just face one's dreams of yourself, let me realize. I think that is our responsibility.


Our company conducts real estate brokerage business in Oita city in general. We are working on a small group number so that we can respond to requests for sale and purchase of real estate in a small number of people and if we can help you to find better property by introducing Oita's real estate information to everyone I think. We are also looking for sales requests for real estate all the time so please do not hesitate to consult us.

42 out of 340 Real Estate/Agent

Real Estate Company